profile picture During the day, I am a software engineer and consultant at ThoughtWorks, and in the evenings, a volunteer teacher at Code First: Girls or CodeBar.

Earning a BSc in Engineering & Business at Warwick University allowed me to acquire and hone a wide range of skills and garnered in me a renewed appreciation for the way software and technology drive development across the wider industrial and sectoral landscape.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I joined Makers Academy, where I learned how to craft clean, well-tested software while pair programming and working in an agile manner. This ultimately led me to work at one of the best SaaS companies in the MENA region, ZenHR Solutions, where I introduced TDD and other industry-leading methodologies as part of the stack.

I then returned to the academic space as a postgraduate student at UCL, where I focused on supplementing my experience in the industry with the academic offerings.

My varied experience, both academic and non-academic have made me highly adaptable and a quick learner that keenly tackles new challenges and opportunities and I have been fortunate enough to have worked with a broad spectrum of organisations and teams, from the smallest startups to the largest enterprises.

When it comes to tech, I am an advocate for OSS, test-driven development, ‘real’ agile processes, and more recently, infrastructure and cloud serverless technologies. I live and die by ‘Software is a Craft’ and you can talk to me for hours about vim, Ruby, or the future of education.

I appreciate good design - doesn’t matter if it’s on the web, print or even architectural. I also can’t survive without multi-tasking.


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